ph 7 Acid Free Primer


  • Non acid based
  • Performance is equal to an acid based primer

THIS PRODUCT: This chemical formulation was created to give the strongest bond between the natural nail and acrylic or gel enhancement without the use of acid. PH7 acts like a double-sided sticky tape giving it superior adhesion when compared to other acid free primers. It will not burn the skin if it comes in contact with it.

HOW TO USE: Apply primer sparingly, allowing to dry between applications. Use two coats of primer using caution not to get any on the skin or cuticle. ph7 is ideal to use when doing natural nail manicures. Before polish apply ph7 to ensure a long lasting polish application.


  • Reliability- Will not discolor artificial enhancements
  • Compatibility- Can be used with any acrylic system

ph7 is available in 1/2oz. bottle