Medium 180/180


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The perfect file from side to side, end to end, and start to finish

  • Cushioned file
  • Foam buffere
  • Long lasting
  • Designed for maximum comfort, speed, and efficiency


  • White with a blue ABS plastic center
  • Start to finish tool
  • Long lasting
  • For acrylic, gel or wrap services

THIS PRODUCT: The Duet, 180/180, shaper-finisher is sanitizable and very durable. It is designed for shaping and smoothing the nail surface.

HOW TO USE: When finishing artificial enhancements; use the Duet 180 file to shape the surface of the nail and refine the sidewalls. Next, flip the Duet and use the buffer to smooth out any scratches. You can also use the 180 Duet to prep the nail for artificial enhancements. When applying wraps, the 180 Duet is the only file that you need to start and complete the service.

WASHABLE: “Washable” files cannot be soaked in liquid. They can be rinsed and gently scrubbed with a soft brush, but must be allowed to completely dry before re-using. They can also be lightly sprayed with sanitizer, and allowed to dry.

DUET’s are available in 8 & 25 pack