Out The Door topcoat is awesome. I paint my own toes all of the time, this gets them dry pretty quickly so I can at least put on flip flops and go on about my day…even though I actually would rather sit with my feet propped on the coffee table waiting for them to dry.

SKat Lewis

LI will start by saying that I’m writing you a love letter. THANK YOU for your INM Out the Door topcoat! I have been the lone girl in a five-piece punk band for the better part of the last six years. About two years ago, we were lucky enough to get to the point where we started to do some real touring with some bigger bands and, just this past year, we started touring internationally. It’s important to me (and our publicist!) that I play up the fact that I’m the only girl in a pretty gritty band…. I do the hair-straightening, pretty make-up, skirts on stage, and manicure thing for nearly each show. That said, I play guitar and steel guitar strings are absolute hell on my manicures. I swear, I have tried every single topcoat out there but, after each show, the fingernail polish that I had so carefully applied in a moving van hours before, is totally wrecked – chipped, smudged, you name it. And then I have to start all over and hear my male band mates complain about the nail polish/remover smell while we drive to the next city. We stopped at a store in Massachusetts and I decided to try your topcoat because I’d tried everything else (OPI, Essie, Revlon, any number of Sally Hansen products, etc.) and absolutely fell in love! I can paint my nails the day before we leave for a two week tour, and play as hard as I want each night and have my polish stay intact! I thank you, our publicist, Heather, thanks you, my band mates thank you! Your topcoat is amazing and I’ll never go back to spending four times the amount of INM Out the Door to use OPI which simply doesn’t stay nearly as well.


3 years I have used this range and they are the best polish ever my clients love the colours. but we want some more……


I am a nail tech…so I have used many glitters in my time. and never really happy with the result. until now. I tried this product out in a beauty suppliers and was amazed. I left it on a nail I did in the store for days I was amazed how it shone. I wear Swarovski crystals a lot and it shone just the same. and the way the light works on this glitter its mind blowing. I wear it on my natural nails as I am growing my nails and having time away from artificial nails. just love this stuff doesn’t peel or flake. I recommend this to anyone who loves a bit of sparkle or like me just loves wearing sparkly things 10//10 but remember to shake the bottle well I mean well. I now have purchased the big 73ml bottle in silver so I don’t run out and start getting stressed lol. I get comments about my nails all the time. love this product buy it now you won’t be disappointed.


Best polish I ever had. I have had it for years and it hasn’t dried out. It really does dry fast. If I have to go somewhere and want my nails to look nice I just put on a coat and don’t have to worry about it getting smudged. I wish they would sell this in stores in New York. My mom bought it for me when she went on vacation somewhere and brought this back and has been one of the best things I have used. I love it!

Amanda Smith

I just had to shoot you guys a message and let you know how much I love your topcoat! Fed up with the others (mostly just Seche Vite, ugh) and their constant chipping, I was determined that didn’t have to be the price paid for quickly dried nails. It was fairly inexpensive so I figured it was worth a try. Well, I’ve had the same polish on for a week now and not a single chip. It wasn’t until your topcoat that I’ve actually had to change my polish because I was sick of the color. I was also extremely pleased with the drying time. By the time I was finished with the second hand the first was almost completely dry! I’m telling all my polish obsessed friends and I plan on blogging about your product. I feel that not enough people know that this topcoat is out there, and I want to spread the word! Please don’t ever stop making it! ! I recently discovered Northern Lights and I love it as well!